Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher isn't exactly thrilled for his brother and former bandmate Noel, who is opening some of U2's Joshua Tree 2017 shows with his band High Flying Birds.

When a Twitter fan teased him out on the subject yesterday by asking if he was going to see U2 and their support act , Liam responded as only Liam could. "I'd rather eat my own s--- than listen to them beige f---s...," later adding only, "Toff rock."

His comments aren't isn't surprising given that, when U2 first announced High Flying Birds as one of the tour's supporting acts, Liam tweeted, "I see all that brown nosing is finally starting to pay off NO SHAME."

Noel has made no secret of his love for U2 and Bono, who he says he's been friends with for more than 20 years. "They are one of my favorite ever, ever bands and ['I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' is] one of the best songs ever written," he said after performing with the band in 2015. Likewise, Bono had brought him to the stage calling Noel "one of my heroes, one of the band's heroes."

Today, Liam continued his rant against U2, tweeting "Not scared of bingo and his naff band you can't bull s--- a bulls----er ain't that the edge," and then "Beware of bongos farts ha ha."

He also noted "It’s good to be back never went away you clowns just got the tools now to shine a light on you FAKES."

Liam will release his debut solo album As You Were in October, before Noel's High Flying Birds album is tentatively scheduled for a November release.

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