Have you thought it would be awesome to have a pet monkey?

You see monkeys on TV and they look so cute and adorable - and they are so smart. It's hard not to think that having a pet monkey would be the coolest thing ever. But, the reality is, they don't make good pets.

Here's Why Owning  A Monkey Is A Bad Idea

Believe it or not, having a pet monkey is legal in 25 states, but, that doesn't mean it's a good idea. According to WorldPopulationReview, there are many reasons why monkeys don't make great pets.

  • They are not comfortable around strangers
  • They require a lot of social interaction
  • A large, secure enclosure is needed to keep them from escaping
  • If they get bored, they are mischievous and even destructive
  • They can never be fully domesticated
  • Their behavior will change dramatically with puberty
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Can I Have  A Pet Monkey In Colorado?

If you are thinking that having a monkey for a pet would be fun, you may be disappointed to learn that Colorado is one of the states that do not allow private monkey ownership. There is a long list of mammals you can legally have in your possession, but any monkey species is not on that list. No, a private citizen in Colorado can not keep a monkey as a pet.

Illegal possession of wildlife in Colorado is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. If you want to enjoy a monkey, visit one of the state's amazing zoos like the Denver Zoo or the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Exotic Pets You Can Own in Colorado

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There's A Legal Limit to Owning These 16 Colorado Animals

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