Larimer County is urging residents to remain diligent, as COVID-19 cases increase after a shift to Level Orange, which allows for indoor dining and higher indoor capacity for businesses.

In a release on Friday, January 8, Larimer County Health and Environment said that although the county is Level Orange, its case number actually 'put the metrics closer to Level Red.'

The release says that residents did a great job dropping in cases after Thanksgiving, but December was the county's deadliest month, and a post-holiday spike could still show in next week's count.

In addition to handwashing, distancing, masks and limiting gatherings, the county is urging you to please answer if the county calls you. This is so they can contact trace.

'By sharing this information confidentially with the county, you will be an important part of helping to stop potential outbreaks, identify areas of concern, and allow us to focus communication and outreach efforts,' Tom Gonzales, Public Health Director for Larimer County, said in the release. 'While the vaccine brings new hope and an end to the pandemic in sight, we must remember that getting enough people vaccinated to remove restrictions and stop using other prevention tools is many months away.'

The latest COVID-19 information for Larimer County can be found here.

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