Since legalizing the sale and possession of recreational marijuana in 2012, the cannabis industry in Colorado has grown in epic proportions. Because of this, simple economics says that in order for the industry to thrive in the Centennial State, there must be enough supply to meet the demand.

Luckily, Colorado has accepted the challenge full-on and is home to the largest outdoor retail cultivation of marijuana in the world.

Location of Colorado's Largest Marijuana Farm

The largest outdoor retail cultivation farm for marijuana in the world is located right here in Colorado just outside of Pueblo in the form of Los Sueños Farms which is Spanish for "The Dreams."

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Los Sueños Farms is located at 46795 CO-96, Avondale, CO 81022 which is an area of mostly farmland just east of the city of Pueblo, Colorado.

What Does Colorado's Los Sueños Farms Do?

Los Sueños farms is made up of 36 acres, 28 of which are actively involved in numerous steps in getting the marijuana from seed to product.

The business grows marijuana plants inside its numerous greenhouses where some of them are moved from and transplanted outside and given a steady diet of clean water and nutrients.

Once the plants are ready to be harvested, they are brought inside where the buds are separated from the rest of the plant using machines and employees.

The buds are then inspected, dried in the curing process, and eventually packaged up to sell in medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries.

In addition, Los Sueños Farms also supplies marijuana to be extracted of its THC and made into concentrates.

Take a Virtual Tour of Colorado's Los Sueños Farms

The World’s Largest Outdoor Marijuana Retail Farm is In Colorado

Los Suenos Farms is located in Southwestern Colorado and is the world’s largest outdoor retail cultivator of marijuana in the world.

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