Unfortunately a lot of women face urgent instances where they need to walk away from 'emergency' situations a.k.a. bad (scary) dates.

In Florida, there's a discrete way of flagging down help from bartenders at a particular bar in which the victim orders an "Angel Shot." According to Cosmopolitan, ordering this imaginary shot lets the bartender know that you need help discretely leaving the bar and getting home safely. Another method is asking for "Angela" at the bar.

I've been seeing articles about this all over Facebook and decided to reach out to one of Fort Collins' most frequented bars, Lucky Joe's, via Facebook to see if this is actually something bartenders in Northern Colorado are aware of and have put into practice. When asked in a personal message whether Lucky Joe's "serves" the fictitious Angel Shot, they replied:

We do not have that...yet, but I love it and will implement that soon. Our bartenders are trained to be aware of situations and try to keep an eye for them and to assist someone who is stuck in an awkward or uncomfortable situation.

Of course, this is speaking for only one bar. But I'm sure hearing a lot of talk about this method of getting out of scary situations all over Facebook will move it to one day becoming a commonplace thing.

So just keep in mind that, if you order the Angel Shot at any bar in Northern Colorado, your bartender *might not* know what you're really implying. Always come up with a backup plan in case you need to leave the bar for a safe place in a safe manner.

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