Things seem dire at the moment. In the midst of all this tragedy, there has to be some light...How about some levity in the form of failed haircuts?

This is what the Today Show had in mind on Monday morning when they shared their article titled, "People are sharing hilarious photos of their quarantine haircuts gone wrong". Wait a minute, though...we know the guy in that featured image!

The Today Show on Facebook
The Today Show on Facebook

Oh, yes: that's fan favorite Kyle Clark with a giant bald spot on his noggin.

Kyle Clark did, indeed, gain some attention from his tweet on March 29 about his wife cutting his hair (see below), but it turns out that attention went nation-wide quick. 

The Today Show reached out to Clark for comment and he outlined the whole, hilarious story.

"I did fine until I heard my wife say, 'Oh no!'" he told TODAY Style over email. "We aborted the haircut after taking a few patches out of the back. We may try again next weekend after watching a few more YouTube videos." (Source)

The story went on to feature other poor souls who have let their families take charge of their haircuts. It ended on a positive note, though, with another quote from Clark:

"If a bad haircut is the worst thing that happens to someone right now, they are very fortunate. I’m a very fortunate guy with a very bad haircut."

Aw. For more, read the full article right here.


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