It so happens 9 News was doing a "Throwback Thursday" feature last night when they featured a picture from 1997 of a guy they deemed a Kurt Cobain lookalike, having gotten into trouble for driving in the H.O.V. lane in Denver.  But at least he had a legit reason:  He needed to get to McDonald's.  Although not because he worked there.  He just really,  really wanted some Mickey D's on the double.

In a surprise twist, the guy reached out to 9 News last night with a current picture of himself!

Perhaps you've heard of at least one guy who got busted driving in the H.O.V. lane in Denver with a dummy in his passenger seat.  Now, if you've ever commuted in Denver, you have to admit the thought has crossed your mind.  But to actually try it?  Stupid, funny, awesome, and... stupid.  Ha!

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