Krist Novoselic, former bassist and founding member of Nirvana, has deactivated his Twitter account following backlash for a social media post praising Donald Trump.

According to NME, Novoselic's comments were made in response to a speech Trump gave Monday (June 1) about law and order. "Wow!!! I know many of you can’t stand him, however, Trump knocked it out of the park with this speech," Novoselic wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post.

“Social media and television are looping images of societal breakdown," he continued. "I agree, the president should not be sending troops into states – and he legally might not be able to anyway – nevertheless, his tone in this speech is strong and direct. I have been watching the images in the media and thinking about how polarized our country is.”

"Imagine if so-called 'patriot militias' were raising this kind of hell? If this were the case, left-wing people would welcome federal intervention. Most Americans want peace in their communities and President Trump spoke to this desire. Never mind the legal details that few understand — Trump said he would stop the violence and this speaks to many."

Yesterday (June 2), Twitter was full of angry tweets directed at the musician.

While Novoselic is no longer on Twitter, he returned to his Facebook earlier today to follow-up with his prior, deleted comments.

"To clarify a few things: As an avowed independent, I don’t endorse a major party or candidate. And it feels insane to have to say this , but I don’t support fascism, and I don’t support an authoritarian state. I believe in a civilized society and that we all have to work toward that. Love and thanks to anyone who cares to read this."


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