Granted Kroger is the largest supermarket owner in the U.S., and it has filled 100,000 job positions in the past year - wow!  Still, the Cincinnati-based company says it will add 11,000 more that are open right now.  That includes 2000 in management.

You can job search and get more info at this link.

Kroger has 2,778 stores in the United States.  That includes combo food & drug stores, multi-department stores, ones that are natural and organic, jewelry, convenience, and marketplace stores.  They own:

  • Bakers (Omaha only)
  • City Market (Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico, in addition to Colorado)
  • Dillons (Kansas, Missouri)
  • Fry's (Arizona)
  • Stores called Kroger that span from the Midwest to the Atlantic Coast and south/southeastern U.S.
  • QFC (Oregon & Washington)
  • Ralphs (How's that for the name of a food store, eh?  In Southern California)
  • Smiths (Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, & Utah)
The Kroger Co. Corporate Headquarters
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