Kid Rock has finally killed rumors of his alleged Michigan senatorial bid.

The "All Summer Long" singer, who has remained one of rock's more reliably conservative voices since throwing his support behind the Trump campaign last year, took to the Howard Stern show on Sirius XM to dispel the notion once and for all that the provocateur would seek a new calling as a politician.

With his characteristic bluntness, Rock told Stern, “F--- no, I’m not running for Senate.”

Rock's potential foray into senatorial politics has been discussed widely for months in the national press, and a string of the performer's political stunts have seemed calculated precisely to feed such rumors. However, in the interview, the rocker seemed to express bemusement at the idea, sniping, “Are you f---ing kidding me? Who couldn’t figure that out?”

Rumors of Kid Rock's senate run were sparked at Michigan's Republican Party convention in February when some GOP members raised his name as a possible contender to face off incumbent Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow. In the ensuing months, Rock created a "Kid Rock for Senate" website, offering apparent campaign swag for sale, and would push his politics from the stage during concerts.

“We start going with it, everyone gets their panties in a bunch,” he revealed in the interview.

At the peak of Kid Rock's political gesturing, his imagined campaign had gone as far as polling above Sen. Stabenow, a lead that had finally reversed last month.

While he unequivocally dismissed the notion that a Senate bid was underway, he seemed to suggest that the possibility will remain in the cards, telling Stern he'd keep the option on the table if the "left wing keeps f---ing" with him.

"If they keep f---ing with me in the papers and everything, I'm going to run," Kid Rock threatened through laughter. "And I'm going to go to f---ing D.C., I'm going to beat the s--- out of Debbie—whatever the f--- her name is—and then I'm going to go to D.C. and I'm going to smack the living s--- out of all of them motherf---ers on the Hill."

Earlier today, Kid Rock announced the release of a new studio album, Sweet Southern Sugar, which will be promoted with a two-month tour of North America. You can get all the details here.

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