Probably because I told her I work in radio back when we were dating, my wife taught me how to bargain shop.  Now, I am hardwired to never pay a penny more than I have to for anything.  I have come to learn that this isn't something poor people do.  Actually, the opposite.  $1000 flushes just as fast as $1, my friend.  So don't be too proud to make your hard-earned money serve you in every way possible.

So three years ago we bought something I've wanted since I was like 19:  A house in my favorite location in Northern Colorado.  We actually got a fair price on it, too, but... Every room in the place needed completely gone through.  The guy who lived there apparently smoked five filterless cigarettes at a time in his sleep.  So I'm talking removing yellowish-brown popcorn ceiling throughout, replacing every fixture, and yes, painting until I start crying like a baby because I don't want to see another paint brush as long as I live.

Have you priced a can of house paint lately?  If you get a gallon for $30 at a home store, consider yourself lucky.

Meanwhile, I'm doing three or four coats on one ceiling, which sucks up an easy three gallons.  When you add up supplies & accessories, that's easily several hundred bucks per room.  Sca-rew that.

Thank goodness a neighbor told us about the little building that's sort of off to the south side at the Larimer County Landfill.  This is where you donate your chemicals, so not only can you get house paint there - some of it unopened - but tons of cleaners too, from glass cleaner to Armor All wipes for your car.  Just those last two things are $5 apiece at the store.  I am baffled at how much people seem to overbuy this stuff, but it works out great for me!!!  I'm currently about halfway through completely refurbishing our house, save for the floors, which are actually pretty nice already.

Just go to that little building at the dump.  They don't ask any questions (in fact, I think they kind of like to just do their own thing and be left alone.)  Take or leave as much as you want!  And maybe you, too, can share my other half's favorite new hobby.  Just don't get addicted, man.  I've seen it happen.

Here's a little of my latest work using that free paint:

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