Well, they're not as bad as Raiders fans! And, that's not bias. There's research to back the number of arrests linked to NFL fans across the country

There's a lot of emotion, competition, and usually some alcohol fueling disorderly rage at sporting events, and sometimes that can escalate to extreme violence.

According to The Washington Post, between 2011 and 2015, these teams' fans were the worst behaved when it came to arrests at stadiums: The Chargers had an average of about 25 arrests per game; Giants and Jets, 22; Raiders, 18.

If the home team loses, no matter the opponent or scheduled kickoff time, arrests increase. The closer the loss, the more arrests tend to rise.' - The Washington Post

Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

As for Denver? Well, call it all the weed in the air, or our laid-back disposition in general, but Broncos fans are some of the best behaved in the entire country, with an average of less than three arrests per game. Check it out via Mike Clay (ESPN) on Twitter:

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