Fort Collins restaurants, breweries and more could be affected if Larimer County's variance is revoked, after COVID-19 cases began to spike following the 4th of July holiday. 

Back in May, the county could reopen some of its businesses ahead of the state of Colorado, because COVID-19 cases were relatively under control, but according to 9NEWS, that variance is now in jeopardy.

'The openings were contingent on the county maintaining a low number of cases,' 9NEWS reported. 'It says that if the county received reports of more than 25 new cases on three separate days over a 14-day period, the variance would be rescinded.'

And... that's exactly what happened in Larimer County after July 4 celebrations, so now, the county has two weeks to 'mitigate' the spike. On Monday, July 20, Larimer County submitted a plan to the state, Denver7 said.

If Larimer County can't get cases down in the next couple of weeks, businesses, like restaurants, and gatherings, such as graduations, will be affected. As of July 21, Larimer County has 11 COVID-19 patients hospitalized.

Read more on the mitigation plan from Denver7 here.


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