Peyton Manning may have won super bowls, but when it came to a dress code at Cherry Hills Country Club he took a loss. Luckily, John Elway was there to help him out.

Tuesday, The Athletic published an oral history of Manning's 2012 free-agency saga.

After Manning visited the Denver Broncos, John Elway invited Manning out for a beer. They went to Cherry Hills to go to a country club, and the club had a problem with Manning's wardrobe.

Apparently, jeans were a no-go at the club, but that's all Manning had.

He said this about the situation:

"We pulled into Cherry Hills [Country Club] and I remember Elway said, 'You can't wear jeans here. Do you have any other pants?' I said, 'No. This all happened so fast. I just packed one little overnight bag. All I got is jeans.' And he said, 'That's OK. It's a $50 fine. I'll pay the $50 fine.' And all [director of player personnel Matt] Russell had on was like an athletic sweatsuit. So it cost John $100 to take us over to have a beer."

Though we're sure Peyton could pay the $50 fine for wearing jeans, but Elway came to the rescue this time.

Guess we know now that when we pack an overnight we should pack fancy pants.

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