When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Jackass 4 was one week into production and two cast members had been sent to the hospital. In a new interview, Steve-O gives an update on the fourth Jackass movie, while Bam Margera gave a Cameo update on his injured castmates.

“We got one week into filming Jackass 4 and that’s when the shutdown happened,” Steve-O said on The Fighter and the Kid. “Which is a pisser, it’s also a blessing because there are obvious question marks around whether a bunch of 40-, and in some cases, 50-, [year-old men should be doing stunts]. Knoxville believes firmly the older you get the funnier it is. I don’t know, I think at a certain point it just gets kind of tough to watch.”

He adds, “The one week that we were able to film, the chemistry was there. The footage, everything, worked out fantastically so we were able to put together enough footage in that one week for the question marks to be answered. Can we still do it? Does it still work? Is it good to watch?”

Steve-O Speaks With The Fighter and the Kid

Steve-O was originally skeptical of a fourth Jackass movie coming to fruition, but during an interview with Loudwire, the stuntman and stand-up comic changed his tune. “The Jackass 4 question … I just felt that Knoxville, for some reason, just wasn’t up for it. Then there’s the health of certain people, which I think is a concern as well. Of course, there’s our age. Maybe the ship has sailed, but I can’t say with certainty that I feel that way anymore.”

As for Bam, he checked in earlier this year with an update from the Jackass shoot. “It’s the second day of filming Jackass already and Steve-O and Knoxville are hospitalized by jumping on a full-speed treadmill with band equipment like a fucking tuba,” he revealed. [via Alternative Press]

Due to the pandemic, the release of Jackass 4 was pushed back from March 2021 to July 2021, but with the virus spiking across the country, it’s difficult to imagine the movie being ready by summer.

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