If you asked us Northern Coloradans to name a recording studio in Colorado that's been graced by famous names, we'd likely all say 'the Blasting Room.' But, growing up in the Denver Metro area, and frequenting Eldora's slopes in the winters, I remember my dad telling me stories of a recording studio that used to be in Nederland. That is, until it was destroyed in a fire. 

Via meg_mill32 on Instagram

I'd forgotten the name, but -- thanks to Google -- I was able to recall Caribou Ranch. My father, who's always throwing out the most random trivia during long mountain car rides, hadn't even lived in Colorado in the heydays of Caribou Ranch (1971-1985), but knew of it because of the artists who recorded there.

Love you, Dad. See I do listen sometimes.

John Lennon, Joe Walsh, Michael Jackson and Elton John; They're just a few. This place was legendary.

Though the barn is still standing on the property, as seen in the photo above, after the recording studio caught fire in the mid '80s, it was never rebuilt, and closed down. Colorado Encyclopedia is an interesting read, if you want to know more about the studio and the music recorded there.

There's also a short documentary clip on Youtube. I found the part about the bands getting out of the car in the snow in platform shoes to be pretty funny... I can only imagine.

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