You may remember reading about the odd reason that Joe Rogan, a former Boulder resident, decided to leave Colorado. Well now the popular podcast host has released a new episode of his Joe Rogan Experience where he spoke about a controversial topic in our great state right now, and that is the reintroduction of wolves.

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Joe was joined by outfitter and avid outdoorsman Cliff Gray to talk about the subject. Keep scrolling to find out how they feel about it.

Joe Rogan + Cliff Gray Talk About the Dangers of Reintroducing Wolves to Colorado

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You may remember voting fairly recently on a ballot initiative that would decide whether or not to reintroduce wolves to certain parts of Colorado. The state will see as many as 30 wolves reintroduced to places like the I-70 corridor around Vail and the Flat Tops next December which, according to Rogan and Gray, isn't the great idea that it appears to some:

...this myth that putting wolves back in [that] landscape is going to turn it back to some ecosystem that was here, you know, 300 years ago...I think it's a figment of their imagination.

The pair discussed how many of the Coloradans that voted in favor of reintroducing wolves don't live in the most affected areas and that Colorado Parks and Wildlife are, no pun intended, being thrown to the wolves without consent.

The pair also discussed how vicious wolves are:

...they act as a pack and [they] have some sort of intelligent communication...they're cunning and crafty and they're efficient ruthless killers...

In addition, Rogan and Gray talked about the repercussions of the decision with regard to pets:

...if you have a cute golden retriever like mine [and] you leave them outside, like, guess what? That dog's dead...

They went on to say:

...if you're cool with going outside and seeing wolves eat your dog, like, well, then you've made the right choice...

The issue is definitely a hot topic in the state, so much so that Rogan and Gray's discussion is currently going viral in Colorado and beyond.

You can check out the entire discussion below:

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