These days, Joe Rogan is most well-known for his wildly successful podcast, 'The Joe Rogan Experience.' However, Rogan has worn a number of hats throughout his career as an entertainer and even spent some time living in Colorado.

Joe Rogan Once Lived in Colorado

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Joe Rogan became a bit of a household name in certain circles when he played a character alongside Andy Dick and others in the TV show 'News Radio.'

His popularity grew as a commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Challenge, and host of the icky reality show 'Fear Factor,' all while continuing to perform stand-up comedy.

Joe's personal life saw marriage to Jessica Ditzel in 2009, whom he lived with prior to getting married for a short time just outside of Boulder, Colorado. The couple lived in Gold Hill, which has an elevation of 8,455 feet and that was ultimately the main contributor to the couple moving away.

Joe Rogan Moves out of Colorado

Rogan and his future wife Jessica Ditzel landed in Gold Hill, Colorado back in 2008, planning to live there for at least a year but their plans changed once Ditzel became pregnant.

On an episode of his 'Joe Rogan Experience' podcast, Rogan explains that it was the high elevation that caused them to leave Colorado, saying that certain parts of Colorado have a "very high rate of premature births and low birth weight because of the lack of oxygen.”

Rogan and Ditzel decided to return to Southern California after finding out that she was pregnant where they lived for numerous years following.

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