The state of Colorado can offer the best scenery out of any state in the country. But some of these vistas can only be taken in by the bravest people.

I'll admit that before I moved to Colorado, I was someone who couldn't handle even the smallest of heights. I'd quiver each time I had to walk up many flights of stairs (where you could see down below you) or if someone needed me to climb onto a roof.

However, since moving to this amazing state, I have forced myself to enjoy what Colorado has to offer even if it meant I had a steep cliff on one side of me. From driving up Old Fall River Road to skiing down some of Colorado's most famed mountains, I have been able to do it all.

If you haven't taken advantage of this yourself, there are many videos which can show you the thrills that Colorado has to offer. I have found five of them that stand out, and will also make your nerves shake while watching it on your own device.

Get ready as these videos will show you that many people push their limits as much as they can. The end result is like opening a treasure chest filled with gold. However, this treasure chest is our amazing state and the gold is the vistas that come along with it.


  • 1

    Man Bikes Up Pikes Peak Highway

    There are two things that stand out to me with this video. First thing is how this man can bike up Pikes Peak Highway with the many different cliff sides and altitude changes it brings. But most importantly is what he is able to experience while biking up. Simply amazing. There are definitely parts of this video where you will feel like you are right there with him.

  • 2

    Glenwood Caverns Giant Canyon Swing

    Ever been to Glenwood Caverns before? It's an amazing spot for you and your family to hit up. One of the most daring rides is the canyon swing which will literally make you fly over the open landscape. Think you can do this?

  • 3

    Driving Over Royal Gorge Bridge

    What might actually be more of an adrenaline rush then driving up a mountain peak is driving over the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City. Especially if you are driving over it on a windy day. WOW.

  • 4

    Sleeping on the Side of a Colorado Mountain

    Yes, this is a thing. For me? NO WAY. How do you go the bathroom? Just let it fall to the ground?

  • 5

    Canon City Skyline Drive

    I can't be the only one who thinks this drive could actually be more of an adrenaline rush than Trail Ridge Road. Right? I mean, at least going down Trail Ridge you have a mountainside next to you. This? Cliffs on BOTH sides and it's a one way road!

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