Shooting victims and their families are in the dark as to where the Aurora theater shooter is located, and it looks like they won't find out where he is anytime soon.

According to Denver7, victims were never informed of where James Holmes was moved to, so they filed a complaint with the Crime Victim Services Advisory Board over the Department of Corrections' secrecy.

The board held a meeting on Friday afternoon to determine if there was a "basis of fact" in the complaint. They were, however, unable to find any violation of the Victim Rights Act by not notifying victims of Holmes' location.

Holmes was transferred out of Colorado after he was assaulted in prison earlier this year. State leaders say his location remains a secret for his safety, Denver7 reports. One board member says Holmes is "sought after for financial gain by other inmates" and the high profile case puts all parties involved "at risk."

Theresa Hoover, the mother of victim Alexander Jonathan "A.J." Boik, who died in the shooting, doesn't think protecting a murderer is fair.

"I don't think it's right for the victims not to know where he is," she said. "...and for our tax dollars to be shipping him off to another state."

While Holmes' location is undisclosed, the board did say he's in a facility with the highest level of security and that the transfer is temporary, adding that he'll return to Colorado at some point.