Thank you, YouTube viewer Bill Vapes, for spelling out some of the most important lyrics to this, which go as follows:  pehwn, shiga-flunu, tzuka flyny, m'bidu didu, daw. flyny, 'n, shuga flyny m'didu didu, daw. Polly says her back hurts, shiga-flaow.

I submit that we need more Jack Black in the world right now.  So, here's what we have until further notice:

Thinking of Nirvana's history in Colorado, there really isn't a lot of footage out there!  Which makes these two videos all the more valuable.

This one has zero visual, but still, maybe you know someone who was at this show!

And this one has pretty crappy audio, but we are pretty lucky to have it from the days before most people had ever heard of the band.

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