Five Finger Death Punch has rocked stages with its high-octane brand of metal featuring powerhouse vocals and explosive instrumentals. The band has toured for over two decades, with albums raking in RIAA-certified Platinum albums, numerous awards, and features in film and video games. It's an incredible career for any musician...and certainly, a pedigree that would merit a home in Los Angeles or NYC - music Meccas of the U.S.

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But, for 5FDP lead singer Ivan Moody, it wasn't Los Angeles calling his name when it came time to put down community roots. It was Cheyenne.

Ivan Moody has officially named Cheyenne, Wyoming, his home. Moody's stepping into the entrepreneurial world and opening two new businesses in town. He's making his mark on the city in a positive way...and he wants to celebrate with everyone!

Ivan Moody Set to Open Two Businesses in Cheyenne

The artist-turned-entrepreneur is set to open two new businesses in Capitol City.

Moody's Rock Stop

The first, Moody's Rock Stop, is a rock & roll-themed convenience store and fueling station at 901 W. Pershing Blvd. - replacing the old Corner Stop. It's a place for "everyday recharging." According to the press release, the Rock Stop will "sell the rock star's personal line of specialized products" and will be "the only gas station in the military town to offer a discount to current and former armed service members, for which Ivan is a proud advocate for." It sounds like a unique addition to Cheyenne's landmarks!

Ciara Coral Intensive Outpatient Facility

Ivan Moody has been open about his own struggles with mental health. His second business, Ciara Coral, is a testament to Ivan's dedication to bringing awareness and support to those struggling with mental illness. According to the release, "Ciara Coral is an intensive outpatient facility that focuses on treating addiction and mental health disorders. The facility is located at 433 E. 19th St. #2 and will offer personalized treatment plans for each individual." 

Celebrating Ivan Moody's Cheyenne Businesses Debut

Now, I mentioned that Ivan wants to celebrate his new business and community endeavors with the whole city, right? It's going to be a big shindig - live music, food trucks, and (of course) Ivan Moody himself! Plus, you can score some sweet tickets to Five Finger Death Punch at Cheyenne Frontier Days. The party kicks off from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday, July 15.

"I would like to use this opportunity/grand opening to introduce myself to my newfound family - the city of Cheyenne. Both of these new ventures mean so much to me and I can't wait to celebrate with everyone!" said Ivan Moody in the release.

Ivan Moody to Receive the Key to the City of Cheyenne

Notice that each business is dedicated to serving and supporting community members. For his community contributions, Ivan will receive the Key to the City of Cheyenne later this year.

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