He's big. He's hairy. And...he's visiting Yellowstone National Park?

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Usually, Bigfoot sightings happen in the Pacific Northwest - places like Oregon and Alaska. But it's not the first time folks have captured alleged Sasquatches on camera in Yellowstone National Park or elsewhere in Wyoming. Video and photographic captures of Big Foot hiking through America's first National Park are all over the internet.

Sightings have ranged from Cody to Medicine Bow National forest. The History Channel even featured a 1972 Bigfoot encounter in the Wind River Range on William Shatner's show, "The Unexplained."

Past Footage of Bigfoot in Yellowstone National Park

The below footage depicts a reported "Big Foot" sighting during the bitter cold of winter in Yellowstone. The TikToker, @domkeenan, says that the footage comes from the State of Wyoming and shows an entire Sasquatch family on the move. He claims that compared to the trees in the background, the shadowy figures moving across the screen must be "incredibly tall."

There's also been audio of alleged Bigfoot cries in Yellowstone as well.

Is Bigfoot Playing Tourist in Yellowstone This August?

According to @themoveguy.11, one tourist to Yellowstone caught two Sasquatch on camera on August 3, 2023. The video alleges that two moving dark blurs on the screen are, in fact, Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) He added that the individual showed the video to a Park Ranger, who reportedly confirmed they caught Bigfoot on film.

Is this a case of satire? Was the Ranger cracking a joke?

It's hard to tell much from the video other than that the blurs were moving pretty quickly. Without knowing how far away the filmer was and if any zoom was used, it's difficult to determine the actual size of the critters. But, I will say, those blurs move a lot faster than I do...

The internet has rallied to the cause of identifying the blurs in the video. Some, naturally, think it is a pair of Sasquatch. Others point to the more logical answers of a bear or hikers. For context, a bear can move pretty dang fast - grizzlies in Yellowstone have clocked at running 35 miles per hour when pressured, and Bear.org notes that lean bears run around 30 miles per hour with no difficulty uphill, downhill, or on level ground. Laughably, they add that "fat bears in winter coats overheat and tire quickly."

Of course, the U.S. Forest Service is well aware of the 'Squatch rumors. They've even given helpful (and totally teasing...I think?) info on how to handle a Bigfoot encounter in Yellowstone. My vote's on bear.

But what do you think? Hoax? Hikers? Bears? Or is Bigfoot really playing tourist in Yellowstone? Drop your vote below!

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