You may have seen a recent, lighthearted post floating around social media with a picture of a rollercoaster accompanied by the caption:

If you know you know scariest ride ever…

The picture depicts a pretty well-known rollercoaster at Colorado's Lakeside Amusement Park known as The Wild Chipmunk, which very well may have been part of a scary experience you had as a kid, but is it really the scariest roller coaster ever?

Keep scrolling to find out and take a virtual ride on Colorado's Wild Chipmunk rollercoaster.

The Wild Chipmunk Rollercoaster at Colorado's Lakeside Amusement Park

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While Elitch Gardens is undoubtedly the most popular amusement park in the state of Colorado, Lakeside Amusement Park has also been a staple in the Denver suburb of Lakewood and even if you've never been there, you've probably driven past it a time or two.

Lakeside Amusement Park was first opened in 1908 and has operated every year since between the first weekend in May and Labor Day.

The park has 25 attractions, two of which are rollercoasters. Built in 1940, The Cyclone is more than likely the most popular rollercoaster at the park, but its younger sibling The Wild Chipmunk, built in 1955, is also quite popular around Colorado.

However, if a ride on The Wild Chipmunk was scary for you as a child, there's a good chance you'll see it in a totally different light as an adult.

Really, The Wild Chipmunk is pretty tame compared to other Colorado rollercoasters like The Mind Eraser, Twister II, and the aforementioned Cyclone.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual ride on The Wild Chipmunk and see for yourself:

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