Colorado is full of magnificent examples of natural beauty. Some of the most famous of these include Garden of the Gods, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, and Colorado National Monument.

However, a lesser-known natural wonder in our great state is arguably just as breathtaking and is referred to by many by its highly appropriate nickname, Colorado's Great Wall of China.

Devil's Causeway: Colorado's Great Wall of China

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Devil's Causeway is an amazing natural wonder in western Colorado that many refer to as Colorado's Great Wall of China.

You'll find Devil's Causeway high up in the mountains north of Gypsum and/or Dotsero, and east of Steamboat Springs. It's interesting to note that many who have spent time in these areas or even grew up there, were not aware of this amazing place.

Devil's Causeway is a narrow ridge between two rivers; the William Fork River and White River, and much like the Grand Canyon, has centuries of water flowing around it to thank for its current appearance.

Many who have hiked across the Devil's Causeway have said that they hadn't realized their fear of heights before doing so, which makes sense as it is only four feet wide in parts, with a drop measuring hundreds of feet. It should also be noted that Devil's Causeway sits at 11,800 feet above sea level.

In fact, it's so scary that many hikers have claimed to walk on all fours in order to build up the courage to cross it.

While Devil's Causeway is a sight to be seen on its own, it's also surrounded by other mountains, lakes, rivers, trees, and some of the most remarkable scenery you've likely ever laid eyes upon.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual, and much safer, tour of Colorado's Great Wall of China, Devil's Causeway:

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