There are numerous well-known haunted hotels in the state of Colorado. Of course, the most famous haunted hotel in the state is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park which served as the inspiration for Stephen King's novel 'The Shining,' and the 1997 mini-series of the same name was partially filmed there.

However, there are also plenty of haunted places across the state that aren't as popular or talked about as the Stanley. Colorado's rich mining history has left us with abandoned mines, ghost towns, and according to many, actual ghosts.

One of these lesser-known haunted hotels is eerily still sitting in the same place as it was when it was built in 1888 and that is the St. Cloud Hotel in Cañon City.

Haunted in Colorado: The St. Cloud Hotel in Cañon City

Located at 631 Main Street in Cañon City, Colorado, the St. Cloud Hotel was first built in 1888 and served countless guests over the years until it was abandoned in 2007.

According to those familiar with the hotel and the paranormal activity inside, the most widely seen ghost is that of a young girl in the hallways playing with a ball.

In addition, reports of ghosts playing tricks like turning on and off TVs and lights, chairs being stacked in empty rooms, and belongings mysteriously disappearing only to be found in a completely different place, have been many.

The hotel still appears to be rather vacant and a recent video showed unfortunate vandalism, but a foundation in Cañon City began working toward revitalizing the historic building back in 2015.

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