In some areas, it's quite common to see vehicles parked at residences that either need some love, are waiting to be sold, or any number of other scenarios that might serve as a thorn in the neighbor's side.

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Like any law that may apply to you, it's important to be informed, and the state of Colorado has plenty of regulations when it comes to storing what many consider to be "junk cars."

What Scenarios of Storing Junk Cars Are Legal in Colorado?

First, we'll check out scenarios in which it is totally legal to store a junk car on your property in Colorado.

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For example, collector vehicles and parts vehicles are protected, as are commercial vehicles if they're being stored on a driveway, and vehicles parked at a repair shop waiting to be worked on. In addition, licensed junkyards are permitted to store inoperable vehicles in Colorado.

What Scenarios of Storing Junk Cars Are Illegal in Colorado?

According to Colorado law:

It is unlawful to park or store any unlicensed or inoperable vehicle outside of an enclosed building on private property or within the public right of way.

Of course, exceptions to this law are listed above. In addition, it is illegal in Colorado to park vehicles that weigh over 10,000 lbs or fall under the umbrella of construction equipment or trailers used to haul this type of heavy machinery in residential areas in the state.

Check out the comprehensive breakdown with regard to Colorado's junk car laws here.


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