Recently, it seems that the news of iconic music venues in Colorado closing their doors for good has been tragically commonplace.

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The latest of these announcements doesn't necessarily see an iconic music venue closing, but after 65 years of rocking, Herman's Hideaway as we know it is, in fact, gone.

Another Iconic Colorado Music Venue Gone for Good

For the past 65 years, the building at 1578 South Broadway in Denver, Colorado has served as the legendary music venue known as Herman's Hideaway.

However, as of July 1, 2024, owner Mike Roth switched out some personnel and upon doing so, it was discovered that the old building needed a serious facelift.

Consequently, a number of concerts scheduled to take place at Herman's Hideaway were forced to be canceled as renovations began to take place, but this was only the tip of the iceberg regarding the disappointments that would come to light.

July 3, 2024, saw social media become flooded with photos of the iconic storefront of Herman's Hideaway being painted, effectively removing the longtime name from the building.

These photos were accompanied by a Facebook post originating from the business' official page that read the following:

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Following the above news, word of the permanent change of the venue's longtime vibe spread like wildfire from numerous sources, including the Denver Gazette, which reported the venue's transformation into a "Latin Dance Club."

While it's been more than established that the building was in desperate need of structural upgrades, the fact that the Herman's Hideaway in which so many fond memories were made will no longer be around has devastated many.

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