We've all heard tales of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other scary, mythical beings. In fact, some have even claimed to have seen Bigfoot right here in Colorado.

However, a lesser-known mythical creature is probably even scarier than Bigfoot and has a long history of terrorizing lumberjacks and ranchers across the state of Colorado.

Keep scrolling to learn about the legend of the Augerino.

Mythical Colorado: The Legend of the Terrifying Augerino

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If you've seen the movie Tremors with Kevin Bacon, you already have an idea of what the Augerino supposedly looks like.

The Augerino has been described as a giant, terrifying worm that burrows deep underground. However, unlike the monsters on Tremors, the Augerino is said to have been shaped like a corkscrew or an auger, which is how it got its name.

The creature was said to be immortal and allegedly used silica to line its tunnels and burrows so that they were indestructible as well.

The aforementioned lumberjacks and ranchers allegedly found burrows lined with silica and experienced constant problems with irrigation systems, ditches, dams, and other water systems, leading them to blame the Augerino for creating these burrows that let the water escape.

While the creature was said to inhabit the drier regions of the state, an official investigation was conducted in Middle Park, Colorado in 1941. Many of the locals at the time claimed that the Augerino was responsible for ruining their various waterways like ditches and irrigation systems.

While it doesn't appear that the Augerino has been doing a whole lot for a few decades, its legend as a mythical creature in Colorado lives on.

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