Halloween is a time to be free and personify your favorite characters, celebrities, animals, and more here in Colorado.

Every year Coloradans think long and hard about what they want to dress up as on Halloween, and if you want a sneak preview as to who you can expect at your door on October 31st then keep reading.

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America's Most Popular Halloween Costumes in 2022

Trends come and trends go which is why All Home Connections reviewed trends from DIYsRentReader’s Digest, and Visual Capitalist, to determine the most popular Halloween costumes by state.

Many people have speculated that this year's Halloween costumes will surely include a few Jeffrey Dahmer's due to Netflix's recent limited series, however, the results are much less spooky.

In fact, a large portion of states are choosing to stick with the classics. 22 states are reportedly searching for your typical witch or cat costume, which might be due to the recent release of the long-awaited Disney sequel of Hocus Pocus.

The third most searched-for Halloween costume in the U.S. is the vampire. Have you seen the fake teeth available at costume shops these days? They're pretty realistic and even mold to your teeth.

Meanwhile, Nevada and Mississippi are returning to their roots with an overwhelming amount of searches for Elvis costumes.


Colorado's Most Popular Halloween Costume in 2022

Coloradans have decided to go with a Disney theme this year with the most popular Halloween costume search being Buzz Lightyear.


The 5 other states looking for Buzz Lightyear costumes this year are California, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Happy trick or treating...to infinity and beyond!

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