There are two state parks in Colorado where having your dog off-leash is allowed.

Dog walking is a great American pastime. Dogs need exercise and they love to run and play. Unfortunately, most of the time, outside of their own backyard, they have to be on a leash. Of course, we all know the reason why - and it's a good reason.

What you possibly didn't know is that there are two state parks in Colorado with areas where dogs can be off-leash. These are huge areas where dogs,  under the supervision of their human, can run, play, and explore without the restraint of a leash.

Chatfield State Park's Off-Leash Area

Chatfield State Park has an off-leash dog area that encompasses 69 acres of completely fenced open space. The area includes two ponds and miles of paved and unpaved walking trails. Your dog needs to be under voice control and you need to carry a leash with you. The dog park is open 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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Cherry Creek State Park's Off-Leash Area

At Cherry Creek State Park, the dog off-leash area is pretty massive - 107 acres. The area is totally fenced and has water access for dogs to enjoy. The rules are pretty basic. Dogs must be within visual distance and under voice control, a leash and a waste bag must be carried, and you need to clean up after your pet.

How Much Does It Cost To Use the Off-Leash Dog Area?

The daily pass for using the off-leash dog area is $3. If you plan to be a frequent visitor with your four-legged friend, you can get an annual pass for $25.The off-leash pass is in addition to the park pass and entrance fees that are required for state parks.

If you have dogs and plan to visit Colorado state parks this summer in Colorado, it might be worth it to put Chatfield and Cherry Creek on your itinerary. Your dogs will love it, and you'll love seeing them run and play in the great Colorado outdoors.

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