Western Colorado's Grand Mesa is a majestic place. Treasured for its beauty, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife, it's no wonder the Ute Indians viewed the area as a magical land.

Colorado's Grand Mesa + Ute Legends

The Ute of western Colorado believed many things about the Grand Mesa. Known as Thiguanawat, which roughly translates as "The Land of the Departed Spirits." They believed the souls of the dead went to the Grand Mesa to spend eternity.

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Moose on the Grand Mesa
Tim Gray

It may sound strange, but I believe this. When I first moved here, I took a trip to the Grand Mesa early in the fall. While there, I had a rare opportunity to see three moose. A bull and two cows.

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I know, I'm a bit weird, but hey, a guy can be sentimental.

The Utes of Colorado also called the Grand Mesa Thunder Mountain, led to the Utes telling the legend of the Thunderbirds. The legend says:

The Epic Tale of Colorado's Grand Mesa Thunderbirds

The Utes shared the legend of the Grand Mesa Thunderbirds with their young.

Gallery Credit: Tim Gray

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