It's that time of year when we'll see more and more wildlife emerging in Colorado. Today, we'll see a couple of coyotes try to chase off a mountain lion from a delicious meal in Estes Park, Colo.

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Colorado Bird Watching Turns Into a Fight for a Meal Sighting

The person who captured this video stated they were looking for bluebirds in Estes Park. They noticed a carcass in the field with some magpies having a snack. They stopped to check it out and noticed a few coyotes munching on the tasty snack.

According to the viewer, the coyotes seemed a bit on edge. That's when the cougar came in to stake his claim.

Who Will Ultimately Win the Colorado Meal?

A Cougar in Colorado Over an Animal Carcas
ViralHog via YouTube

As you can see in the video, the coyotes try to chase the cougar off the meal they had first dibs. The cougar, however, wouldn't be chased off by a couple of stingy coyotes.

We're not sure who wound up enjoying the meal of the dead, but our guess is the mountain lion.


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