A school bus full of orphans perishes as a tunnel collapses, trapping their spirits for eternity. Sounds like the beginning of an eerie horror movie, right?! Nope, this is the story behind the haunting of Colorado's Gold Camp Road tunnels.

The Gold Camp Road Tunnels are three "abandoned" railroad tunnels near Colorado Springs. The Tunnels were constructed during the 1800s for use during the gold rush. After they served their purpose for the railroad, they were converted for automotive use.

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Colorado's Gold Camp Road Tunnels Claim to Fame

As much history as they served, that's not where they get their claim to fame. During construction, workers lost their lives, as well as, stories with a more grim ending -- but are they true?

Visitors of the tunnels have experienced paranormal activities. From hearing children laughing, giggling, and screaming, a figure of a man pacing around the tunnels, handprints on cars, and vehicles mysteriously moving on their own.

First-Hand Experience at Colorado's Gold Camp Road

A first-hand experience tells the myth of the figure in Tunnel #2. One night, a group of friends decided to experience these paranormal activities for themselves. Lore states, that if you turn off your lights and your car in Tunnel #2, some strange things will happen. According to this eyewitness account, that's exactly what happened. The group pulled into Tunnel #2, turned off their lights, and shut the car off. It was at this time that noticed a dark figure pacing back and forth at the entrance of the tunnel. The figure made its way to the back of the car, peaked in, and placed his hands on the back of the car -- quickly disappearing afterward. Freaked -- and probably needing a change of underwear -- the group started their car and drove away. Shortly after, they stopped to inspect the car and found dusty handprints on the truck.

So, what about the children and the bus accident?

Colorado's Gold Camp Road Best-Known Myth

This best-known myth of the tunnels is the gruesome tale of a busload of orphans (or students, depending on who is telling the story) that was heading back from a field trip when Tunnel #3 collapsed trapping and killing the children aboard. Legend says the kids can be heard laughing and giggling in tunnels #1 and #2, but the sounds turn to screams as you enter tunnel #3. The myth states the kids will slap and scratch unsuspecting visitors as well as leave little fingerprints on cars.

The truth is, a bus accident never happened. The tunnel collapsed on its own after support gave way.

Other stories about the area include pagans and devil worshippers performing rituals in the area. Those could just be ghost stories to keep up the mystique of the area.

Have you ever visited these haunted tunnels?

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