Colorado is home to 81 scenic waterfalls with official names and several more that remain hidden, unnamed, and unknown by tourists crisscrossing the state.

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While some of Colorado's majestic falls require rigorous hiking to reach your destination there are a few waterfalls that are quite easy to get to including the famous Rainbow Falls in El Paso County.

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Where is Colorado's Historic Rainbow Falls?

Rainbow Falls is a waterfall that drops 50 feet into potholes and smaller falls along Fountain Creek near Manitou Springs. Located near the famous Manitou Incline, the falls can be found under a historic open-arching concrete bridge (Highway 24) constructed in 1932.

Why Is It Colorado's Easiest Waterfall Hike?

You will probably make it from the Rainbow Falls parking area to the base of the falls without breaking a sweat due to the short distance and level flat ground found on the hiking trail. The distance is about the length of a football field (100 yards) to the waterfall under the Highway 24 bridge.

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Also Known As Colorado's 'Grafitti Falls'

Over the years Rainbow Falls has taken on the nickname 'Grafiti Falls' due to the amount of graffiti that shows up along the trail and the underside of the bridge near the waterfall. You'll see the rock art in the photos below. Using spray paint is illegal near Rainbow Falls, but the area is constantly tagged no matter how often volunteers clean the paint off the rocks. Take a closer look at the photos below.

Explore Historic Rainbow Falls: Colorado’s Easiest Waterfall Hike

Colorado's historic Rainbow Falls is one of the easiest waterfalls to access in the Centennial State. Located near Colorado's famous Manitou Incline, keep reading to learn more about the significance of Rainbow Falls, and the graffiti art that makes them unique.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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