We asked you to tell us a favorite movie based in Colorado. This started as a fun chance to talk about movies filmed here in the Centennial State and maybe check out some new titles you had not heard about.

As the answers started to roll in, we put our Colorado movie buffs to work double-checking the top mentions. Turns out some of our favorite movies were never filmed here at all. See if you can spot them in the gallery below.

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Colorado's Favorite Movies Made Right Here

If it's a movie we love, we tend to call it 'ours' even if the only thing in it filmed here was the opening credits. Some movies spent five minutes filming in Colorado, while others spent five months. Both can be called Colorado-based movies. We don't discriminate. Fun films that include fun scenes in Colorado are Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Dumb and Dumber, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Furious 7, and The Prestige. And tons more.

The Biggest Colorado-Based Movie Of All Time

Independence Day spent about five minutes in Colorado, yet it's the largest box often hit to be claimed for Colorado. The popular 80s film War Games only spent a few scenes in Colorado, but that one is ours too. What other movies have been filmed in Colorado that you can add to the list below?

Some Movies Depict a Fictitious Colorado

Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze is another film we like to claim as a movie from Colorado. Despite the film opening in Calumet, Colorado, it was all filmed in New Mexico. There are no scenes filmed in the Centennial State according to IMDB.

We zoomed in on the top 15 answers to see which movies were filmed in Colorado and which ones don't actually belong to us.

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