Front Range or Western Slope, please never leave your vehicle unlocked and unattended in the state of Colorado. I mean, seriously, people drive away with someone else's car way too often here.

In 2020, 30,452 were stolen in Colorado. In 2021, that number increased to 38,570. In 2022, there were 42,237 cars stolen right here in the Centennial State. We're #5 in the nation behind Florida, Washington, Texas, and California according to the III (Insurance Information Institute).

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Colorado's Most Frequently Stolen Vehicles

The ten most stolen cars in Colorado in 2022 are listed below according to records from the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association. Four of the top ten are different models of Kia. Three different pickup trucks made the list below as well. Scroll on to see pictures of Colorado's most stolen cars and the total number of thefts for each model.

Which Part of Colorado Sees the Most Vehicle Theft

During 2022, the RMIIA says that four Colorado cities were responsible for 53% of all vehicle thefts in the state early in the year. These cities included Denver, Aurora, Westminster, and Pueblo.

It's Madness at Denver International Airport

Want your car stolen? Park it at Denver International Airport. In 2022, more motor vehicles were stolen from DIA than any other location in the entire state of Colorado according to RMIIA. These thefts accounted for more than 3% of all stolen motor vehicles statewide.

How Many of Colorado's Stolen Cars Are Recovered?

If you think 2022 was bad the numbers the year before were even worse. Back in 2021, Colorado's most stolen motor vehicle was the full-size Ford Pickup with 2,760 of them reported stolen. In fact, the ten most stolen cars of 2021 look much different than the top ten from last year which we will see below.

These are the Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in the State of Colorado

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association keeps track of all kinds of Colorado automobile information. They even keep track of which cars get stolen the most. Scroll through Colorado's Top Ten Most Frequently Stolen Vehicles for all of 2022 in the photo gallery below.

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