McDonald's is making a change, and every one of their restaurants in Colorado will be affected.

If your typical McDonald's visit includes an ice-cold beverage from the dispenser, this impending change may make you a little McCranky.

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McChange Is On The Horizon

Right here, right now, when you order inside your favorite Colorado McDonald's, you take your cup and proceed to the self-serve soda machine. It's been that way for years. Prepare to say goodbye.

So Long Self-Serve

The day will come when you'll no longer have the option of walking up to the soda dispenser and pouring your own drink. This may spell doom for those who enjoy repeated refills, or those individuals who whip up bizarre combinations of soft drinks.

This also spells disaster for that occasional non-paying customer who walks into McDonald's with their cup and fills it up with a beverage while not paying. How many times have you witnessed that little stunt?

What's The Motive?

Was this change motivated by concerns regarding sanitation? In a post-COVID world, there's always the matter of keeping things cooty-free.

In an email to The Associated Press dated September 12, 2023, McDonald’s USA said the reason for the change is " create consistency for customers and crew members across the chain’s offerings — from in-person dining to online delivery and drive-thru options."

Is This Going To Happen Tomorrow?

Nothing is going to happen overnight. The Associate Press reports McDonald's plans to eliminate all self-service soda machines at its United States locations by the year 2032.

McDonald's In Colorado

This may surprise you, but according to a 2021 report by, Colorado is home to 207 McDonald's restaurants. Is that considerably lower than you expected? At that number, Colorado is right smack in the middle of the country, having the 25th fewest McDonald's in the nation. California had the most of any state with 1,264 locations.

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