Colorado has something interesting to see around every corner. How about a gas station that technically dates back 175 million years? We'll explain as we take a trip to the eastern plains to check out one of Colorado's oldest structures still standing today.

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Coloradans looking for a glimpse of our prehistoric past can see massive petrified redwoods at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. This monument opened in 1969 but was not the first place Coloradans could see petrified wood on display.

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Colorado's Petrified Wood Building in Lamar

In 1932, Lamar, Colorado, lumber dealer William Brown used large pieces of petrified lumber to create a store that soon became a gasoline and service station. Tap this link to see a photo of the store when it opened. Today the structure is owned by, which operates a family-owned automotive sales and service business out of the historic property.

How Old Is The Wood At Colorado's Petrified Wood Building?

Legend has it that when the gas station opened, it was billed as the "world's oldest gas station" at 175 million years old. Brown hoped his petrified wood building would become a tourist stop in Lamar, and over the years it was even the subject of a column from "Ripley's Believe It Or Not."

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Where Is Lamar, Colorado?

Lamar, Colorado is found on the state's eastern plains in Prowers County. The town is home to over 7000 residents who all know that W.G. Brown's petrified wood gas station is one of the most popular things people come to see. Look for the small historic wood house behind the dealership's pre-owned Ford trucks.

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