What types of activities did you love to enjoy as a Colorado kid that you still enjoy today? Maybe you are all grown up with children or grandchildren of your own and find yourself joining them at the Grand Junction playground, the swimming pool, or around the video game console.

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We've enjoyed a fun trip down memory lane with our station app talking about the kinds of 'kid' things we loved to do back in the day that we still enjoy as adults. We'd love to hear about an activity you still enjoy doing that keeps you young at heart.

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What Keeps Coloradans Young at Heart?

Did you splash in the puddles up and down your driveway in your bare feet as a kid? We heard from Coloradans who still do this today. Did you stay up all night on the weekends eating candy and playing video games with siblings or friends? We heard from Coloradans who still do that today too. Keep them coming by telling us what keeps you young at heart by sharing with the app chat on our station app.

Foods We Loved as Kids

Who doesn't love making smores over the campfire, or twisting an Oreo cookie apart to eat the middle part first? Foods we loved as kids are often foods we still enjoy as adults. What are some of your favorites from back in the day that you enjoyed with your friends or family today? Are there any foods unique to Colorado you loved as a kid that you still enjoy today?

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Lots of Us Like to Swing

Whenever I walk past the neighborhood park with my nieces and nephews, you know we'll stop and spend some time on the swings. We heard from several Coloradans who still enjoy spending time on a good sturdy swing set now and then. Sadly, the older I get, the less sturdy the swings seem. Maybe it's due to all the smores.

What 'Kid' Things Do Coloradans Still Do As Adults?

What kinds of activities did you love as a kid that you still enjoy today as an adult? Keep scrolling to see the kinds of things keeping Coloradans young at heart.

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