Colorado's ghost hunters know that the 11-mile section of Riverdale Road between Thronton and Brighton ain't for amateurs. It's well-documented as one of the most haunted roads in America.

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From ghastly ghouls to phantom joggers, traveling down this road in broad daylight has been known to send chills up the spines of motorists who don't even know it's haunted history. Recently, two new signs appeared near the 'Gates of Hell' at Riverdale Road which caused some Reddit users to share their experiences.

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The 'Gates of Hell' on Riverdale Road

Colorado's legendary Riverdale Road follows the South Platte River between Adams and Weld County. Legend has it that the owner of a large estate along Riverdale suffered a mental breakdown. He burned his home to the ground one night as his family slept inside. The site has gone on to be called Colorado's 'Gates of Hell'. Countless reports of hauntings have come from along Riverdale Road near the gates. The road has seen countless car accidents that some attribute to ghosts.

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The photos above were shared with Paranormal on Reddit in April of 2024. A couple of erie messages written on cautious yellow signs should easily catch the eye of those passing by. One says, "Hitchhikers May Be Demons." The other says, "This road is cursed." Below the photos in the original post, several Reddit users shared their experiences along Riverdale Road.

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Beware the Cottonwood Trees of Riverdale Road

Another legend says that traveling down Riverdale Road during a full moon will reveal bodies hanging from the cottonwood trees near the 'Gates of Hell'. What other legends have you heard about Colorado's Riverdale Road? Open our station app and share the spookiness.

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