Warmer weather in Colorado means more time outdoors and an increased risk of encountering one of Colorado's most dangerous spiders. While spiders aren't the only dangerous critters found in the Centennial State, they tend to be the most stealthy and thus worthy of a warning.

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While these creatures are just as afraid of you as you may be of them, it's important to know how to avoid them and what to do if someone is bitten.

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Colorado's Black Widow Spider

Dangerous Spiders in Colorado.
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Black Widow spiders (Latrodectus hesperus), also known as Western Widow spiders, are common in Colorado. A bite from a black widow can be fatal to a young child or an elderly adult. If someone is bitten by a black widow they should seek medical attention immediately. Black widow venom disrupts chemicals in your nerve endings and can result in severe pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms in your abdomen, shoulders, chest, or back.

Black widow spiders can be found inside your home in the garage, basement, or cluttered areas. Outside, black widows look for corners, wood piles, low shrubs, and around holes made by small animals.

Colorado's Brown Recluse Spider

Dangerous Spiders in Colorado
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While Brown Recluse spiders were once a rare find in Colorado their numbers have increased over the years to make them the second most dangerous spider found in the Centennial State. Sometimes called Fiddleback spiders due to their violin-shaped abdomen, a bite from these spiders will destroy tissues. Depending on the venom dose, a bluish patch can develop over the bite area, and in the worst case can become a blister/lesion that can last for months and cause permanent scarring. If you are bitten, clean the wound and contact your doctor. If a child is bitten, WebMD recommends taking them to the emergency room.

Outdoors, Brown Recluse spiders live around rocks, utility boxes, and woodpiles. If they make their way indoors they look for undisturbed areas beneath furniture, among unused clothing, and inside boxes.

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