Pumpkin Patches and Fall Festivals will be popping up all over Colorado in the next couple of weeks, and we're ready with a list of some of the best corn mazes you'll find on either side of the Rocky Mountains.

Keep going for a look at eighteen of Colorado's fun corn mazes open this fall. Many also offer pumpkins, fun fall activities, and even haunted corn mazes for older kids. Let's take a look at what is around Grand Junction below.

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Colorado's Largest Corn Maze

Colorado's largest corn maze is found in Erie at Anderson Farms. This corn maze is part of a 25-acre labyrinth that is even haunted during select dates at the farm. Pumpkins are available at Anderson Farms as well. Pedal karts and a kiddie coral are great for little ones, while Terror in the Corn is a popular destination the week of Halloween.

Corn Mazes Closest to Grand Junction

On the Western Slope, we've got Studt's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch just outside of Grand Junction and the corn maze at Devries Fruit & Veggies in Olathe.

The Secret to Solving Any Maze

If going into a corn maze makes you nervous, it's ok. It's easy to get lost in a 25-acre maze if you don't know the secret to solving it. Did you know the secret to solving any maze is to reach out and touch it? Place your hand on the wall of the maze and leave it there. Stay in contact with either side of the maze wall, and you will lead yourself to the exit.

Now, Let's look at some of the biggest and best corn mazes in Colorado.

Have Fun Exploring 18 of Colorado's Best Corn Mazes This Fall

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