Being the victim of a data breach or a scam involving your bank or financial institution has frustrated a growing number of Western Colorado residents. Many will remember back to last fall when Alpine Bank customers, along with other banks, were subject to 'brute force attacks'. See this story as it appeared in the Aspen Times here.

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Organizations described as criminal cyber-gangs sent out massive amounts of texts and emails urging customers to take action regarding compromised accounts. Sadly, many took the bait and logged into a fake website and surrendered their account numbers and passwords before realizing it was all part of a scam.

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Alpine Bank Customers Continue To Be Targeted

A listener contacted our radio station this week urging us to help get the word out that these scams are still ongoing through the summer of 2024. We were contacted by a person we will call "Jo" who told us they were contacted by a scammer pretending to be Alpine Bank. The scammer told Jo their bank account had recently been used at Target. Jo told us they "all about lost $1000 because of a total scam. There is nothing in the news about it. Please help warn people about this issue."

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How Alpine Bank Customers Can Report a Phishing Scam

Financial Institutions such as Alpine Bank, or someone else, will never ask for your password, passcode, or login information. Do not click on links contained in their text messages, and do not surrender your information.

If you are a customer of Alpine Bank and receive one of these phishing messages, you should send a screenshot of the message to You can also call Alpine Bank to report a scam at 1-800-551-6098. You can also visit a local branch and speak with a representative in person who can assist you.

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