Did you know Colorado once was home to a murderer that police and newspapers actually called a real-life 'Spiderman'? I can't even imagine the horror of this bony figure coming out of my crawlspace to attack me. This did happen. Right here in the Centennial State.

I love Colorado's history. It's so incredibly interesting. I'm not sure if the story of the land or its people is more fascinating, but the human side is definitely the darker tale of the two. Let's dive into six creepy and historic locations in Colorado with a dark story to tell just in time for Halloween.

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Six Creepy and Historic Colorado Locations

I knew the story of the Colorado Cannibal, or I thought I did. I had no idea you could wander out into Dead Man's Gultch and to the site of the Albert Packer massacre. There you'll still find a plaque that explains what people found there along the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River. See the location of this gruesome Colorado tale by scrolling through the photo gallery below.

The Ovens Beneath Glenwood Springs

There are two gigantic crematorium-style ovens in the basement of the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs. Bodies were disposed of inside these ovens during the early and mid-1940s when the Hotel was leased out to the military as a hospital. Find out more about this historic and creepy Colorado location below.

More Creepy Places in Colorado

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