Have you ever thought that you'd be good on "The Price is Right" game show? Some Coloradans took part in a survey about prices; we did pretty good.

It's one of the most popular game shows of all time, "The Price is Right;" it's a show you can easily play along with at home as you yell at the TV: "One dollar!" Given how well Coloradans did on this survey, we'd do better than a lot of states.

It may be time to start thinking about a trip out to California (or getting tickets to the local live show in Loveland in October) to see if you can get on the show. You can go with the confidence of knowing that you're from Colorado, and we have a pretty good idea of what things cost.

From the old days with Bob Barker to the new show with Drew Carey, "The Price is Right" still attracts viewers and contestants. Imagine making it up onto the stage to meet Drew and play one of those classic games on TV.

I would be one of those "crazy" people jumping up and down, eager for the chance to win, whatever. "Let's have some fun!" I would shout.

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People in Colorado Did Well on a "The Price is Right" Survey

The team at BetMGM surveyed over 2,000 people from every state using questions styled after "The Price is Right:" Guessing the price of a common household good, without going over. The best score you could get was 50.

New Hampshire Had the Best Score for "The Price is Right"

Maybe folks that live in New Hampshire go shopping more, or are more frugal with their budgets, but the state managed a score of 29.5/50.

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Colorado Scored in the Top 5 for "The Price is Right?

I would have loved to have gotten this call asking me how much that, maybe, laundry soap costs. Then again, I may have been one to bring down Colorado's overall score, as only 11 states made it into the top 10.

Colorado tied with Washington state at #5 with a score of 24.3/50.

Let's book our flights out to L.A.; we have some winning to do.

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