The list of cool bars in Colorado will be including another speakeasy with the summer of 2024. Just the sound of a speakeasy gets people excited; they bring an air of mystery and fun.

It'll be interesting to see how this new speakeasy, coming to Downtown Loveland, takes shape. Will it be dark? Will it have a "secret entrance?" What kind of specialty drinks will they be serving?

It was in the late summer/early fall of 2023 that Loveland welcomed it's first speakeasy in many years, Rosie's Speakeasy. Rosie's sits behind a barber shop; how will this new speakeasy set themselves apart when it opens?

New Cool Speakeasy Coming to Loveland, Colorado

By the 4th of July for 2024 in Downtown Loveland, a new speakeasy, Sage Speakeasy & Lounge, will be open along Cleveland Avenue just south of 5th Street.

New speakeasy coming to Loveland
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Sage Speakeasy & Lounge will be the latest addition to Cleveland Station, a redeveloped block in Downtown Loveland that used to be home to Banner Medical.

You might say folks will be getting "medicine of a different kind" when Sage opens.

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Cleveland Station also includes Tom Davis Saloon and Sky Bear Brewing, when it comes to having a place to grab a drink with friends.

New Speakeasy in Downtown Loveland, Colorado Will Have a Baby Grand

One thing that will definitely set Sage apart from other speakeasys in Colorado is the fact that they'll have a kitchen and a baby grand piano.

I wonder if they have plans for who'll perform at the piano?

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