It has one of the biggest economic impact events on Colorado, and yet not everybody knows that it happens. That is, unless you may have wanted to book a room; then you find out, quickly.

Maybe you have friends/family coming to town for the 4th of July holiday, and are finding that getting a room nearby, is just about impossible.

If this event gets much bigger, finding a room within 200 miles of where you want to be, may be hard.

It's got to be very frustrating to want to visit an area only to find that you cannot book a room anywhere nearby. You've set money aside for the trip, you've taken the vacation days from work, you're ready to find a place to stay; but, no.

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It's because of fastpitch softball. Colorado's own Triple Crown Sports' Fireworks and Sparkler Tournaments for '18 and under' and '16 and under.'

The Fireworks tournament dates back to 1969, and the Sparkler dates back to 2002, bringing over 15,000 athletes to compete.

Softball Tournaments Descending Upon Denver and Colorado Front Range in July

Thousands of families have made plans to spend their 4th of July participating in the two tournaments happening July 1-7 for the 2024 session. Along with teams and their parents, more than 500 college recruiters will be coming.

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Sporting facilities from Colorado Springs up to Northern Colorado will be hosting these tournaments that bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars to their communities.

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Not only do hotel rooms get booked up, but finding a seat at local restaurants is a challenge during the tournaments sessions.

Good luck to all the players, and good luck finding a room if you're planning on visiting Colorado.

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