Vacation destinations out of DIA will be taking a "hit" by the time the fall of 2024 comes around, as Southwest Airlines is shutting down service to and from a Mexico destination.

Southwest Airlines, known for their "Wanna Get Away" fares, won't be letting Coloradans getaway to several locations starting in August of 2024.

Three are probably important to some people, but one is a popular place when you really want to get away to someplace warm and tropical.

As of April of 2024, a flight out of Denver International Airport to Cozumel, Mexico, is about $400-$500. By mid-August of 2024, that fare won't be available at all, as they'll have stopped flying to that airport.

Why is Southwest Not Flying to Cozumel Anymore?

According to the Denver Post and a Southwest Airlines press release the shutting of several airports is due in part to:

  • Lack of planes: An order of 46 planes from Boeing will only see less than half of those delivered.
  • First quarter of 2024, did not meet projected earnings.
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What Other Airports is Southwest Not Going to?

  • Bellingham International, Washington (State.)
  • George Bush Intercontinental, Houston.
  • Syracuse Hancock International, New York.

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Southwest Will Still be Taking Coloradans to Mexico

On the bright side, Southwest has no plans to shut down their flights to and from Cancun, though those flights do cost a bit more.

Who Else Flies to Cozumel, Mexico, From Denver?

  • American
  • Delta
  • United
  • AeroMexico

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