Having started out in Boulder in 1976, Coloradans have had a close relationship with Old Chicago. That relationship may, indeed, may be reaching its conclusion, sooner than we would ever want.

Nothing says, "casual dining," more than pizza and beer; that's probably what has made Old Chicago Pizza + Taproom a success for nearly 50 years.

For gathering with friends and family, whether it be for the deep pan pizza, the wide selection of beers, or both, "Old C's" has been a go-to place for many. Will Coloradans be able to go there in 2025?

In April of 2024, Old Chicago unexpectedly closed across Michigan, along with Cheyenne, Wyoming; these closures add to the list of closures that happened in 2023, It was in 2020, that Old Chicago's Longmont, Colorado, location shuttered.

Growing up in Northern Colorado through the '80s into the '90s, Old Chicago was a big part of "going out." I'd meet friends to knock off a couple of beers on their "World Beer Tour" and grab a pizza.

Later, in the 2000s, a girlfriend and I would hit the Old C's that was on College Avenue (since closed) for their late night deals. Some might ask, "Where have all the good times gone?"

How Many Old Chicagos Remain in Colorado as of April 2024?

Competition for consumers tastes has grown since 1976, that's certain, and Old Chicago has had to make tough decisions to close locations. Having said that, there are still 17 Old C's in the Centennial State.

What Colorado Locations in Colorado Might Be at Risk?

Though they're large cities, Aurora and Colorado Springs have multiple Old Chicagos; many times you see a company close locations that are underperforming, especially if there are other stores in the area.

The Cheyenne, Wyoming, location closing down does stand as an exception to that notion, as it was the only Old Chicago in the area.

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The Loveland Old Chicago does seem to be in a great location, near the interstate, where many travelers exit to head to Rocky Mountain National Park. Stopping for a "pizza and beer" break is convenient there.

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Fort Collins' last Old Chicago is located off of two major thoroughfare, Harmony Road and Timberline. Many first dates have happened there, as it's very close to the movie theater.

Hopefully, no further Colorado closures will be happening any time soon; but "business is business," as they say.

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